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Useful technology

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Useful technology

If you want to invest in making your life a little easier, look to technology. It’s already all around you. You use your fridge to keep food from spoiling. You wash loads of laundry in a machine that saves you hours of time. You connect with friends and strangers online while you’re playing video games. Technology is becoming even more popular around the home to help you save time, money and the environment.

Useful Technology Around the Home

iRobot_Roomba_560Robotic vacuums have been around for quite some time. Older styles simply bump around in hopes that the entire surface of your floor gets addressed. Newer styles use lasers to record where they’ve been so that they don’t end up going over the same areas more than once.

Radiant heating can be used under flooring to maintain a steady temperature in your house. You can add radiant heat to your roof to melt the ice and snow that cool down your house in the winter. This can save you money on your heating bills and reduce your household energy usage in the colder months.

If you’re a busy parent, you know that it seems like you need at least eight hands to get everything done. Technology for babies can help. Electronic rockers hold your baby while they move and sway, helping to free up your hands for a little while. High-tech video monitors allow you to view your baby while he or she is in another room. Some even work as an intercom. Just press a button to sing or coo to your baby to calm him or her down.

Thermal imaging guns detect energy leaks, water seepage or electrical problems behind the walls and roof of your home. Using one can help you address the problems before they become bigger issues. They also help you reduce energy costs.infrared_guns

Entertaining Technology

More companies are coming out with 3-D technology. Televisions with 3-D capabilities make you feel like you’re part of the scene. Video game manufacturers are coming out with games that let you see the graphics in 3-D without wearing glasses. Virtual reality headsets provide you with a private, realistic experience when you’re playing games or watching movies.

Manufacturers are even coming out with camcorders that can record 3-D images. Multiple camera lenses and sensors work in a similar way as the human eye to capture more lifelike pictures.

Do you enjoy listening to music throughout your day? Newer lights have wireless speakers embedded in them. These ceiling speakers are inconspicuous and give you greater freedom when it comes to playing your favorite songs. You can even listen to different music in different

Zoned entertainment systems allow you to follow your entertainment from room to room. If you’re watching a show using your DVR in the living room, you can transfer it to the TV in your kitchen as you move into that space to make dinner. You can set up zones for playing music in much the same way.

How to Get it All

If using technology like this in your home is intriguing, peruse our website to find out more. We offer the latest in technology for the home, businesses and personal use. Learn about up-and-coming products or innovations that are already making people’s lives easier and more fun.

Best Action Cameras for Children

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Best Action Cameras for Children

Best Action Cameras for Children

Best Action Camera

Let’s face it; children love cameras and snapping selfies and photos of their friends all day long. It’s great to encourage every child to use their creative talents, and with the proper camera, you are getting a wonderful instrument to develop keen artistic skills with a sharp imagination.

When it comes to the best action camera, you want to do your homework, because the variety is large, but each digital camera offers individual features. It’s great to point and shoot, but it’s also important to see which camera options are ideal for your child’s current needs.

Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera for Smaller Hands
The well-known brand says it all; Fisher Price has been around a long time and really knows how to make great products for very young children. This tough little camera has been especially designed for smaller hands and comes with nice features, like two big buttons for easy photo snapping. There is also digital zoom and two-eye viewing built into the camera, and it comes in Pink or Blue. Parents can download the editing software for this camera after kids take the photos.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Sophisticated Camera for Older Child
A very young child would be overwhelmed with this model, but for the engaging young teen and older, this is an awesome purchase that you will want to borrow. Excellent quality photos are easy to create with the number of pre-set shooting modes and video recording features that come equipped with this camera. The teen should read the manual, so he or she can best use the advanced options that make this model a powerful, portable accessory to use daily.

Lego 8MP Digital Camera Cool-Looking and Perfect for Quality Shots
Imagine a camera built completely of Lego bricks. No fooling. It’s adorable and brightly colored in red, green, blue and yellow Legos. It’s lightweight with a good grip for a young child and comes with six buttons – power, shutter, flash control, delete and right and left directional buttons. Plus, the camera offers a built-in flash and an LCD screen, which makes taking pictures convenient and fun for your child.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera Very Cute and Compact
This model is all about instant photos and instant fun, and that’s what every child wants in a camera. In addition, it comes in happy colors like Raspberry, Grape, Blue and Yellow. Fuji has designed this one with the instant film aspect, so your child can see what he or she has snapped and then hold the finished product in their hand immediately. It’s perfect for showing children what cameras were like before the digital age.

3-D Printing

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3-D Printing

Everyone today is familiar with what printing is and what it is; however, not so many people understand what 3D printing entails. 3D printing is commonly referred to as an additive manufacturing process that achieves solid three-dimensional objects from digital files.

Unlike the printing that happens on paper that results in adding content to a white sheet of paper, 3D printing results in the creation of an actual object. The 3D printers create these objects by laying down successive thinly sliced cross-sectional layers of the printing material, one on top of the other until the three-dimensional image is complete.

How 3D Printing Works

3d-printingJust like in the normal two-dimensional paper printing, the 3D printing process begins with the creation of the object one wants to print. The objects to be printed are either created using a 3D modeling program or obtained with the help of a scanner that produces 3D copies of an object.

The scanners used to produce 3D images make use of advanced technology which will soon be available in phones and other hand-held devices.

When the image you want to create is on the computer that is connected to the 3D printer, then all you need is to command it to print and see the magic of the 3D printer. Depending on the complexity of the image, the printer will produce the 3D object within moments.464636-how-to-buy-a-3d-printer

The Advantages Of 3D Printing

Imagination to reality: 3D printing opens up a world of possibilities that was just wishful thinking a few years back. This type of printing only needs someone to design a 3D print virtually and then print it.

Idea development: 3D printing speeds up the process of conceptualizing an idea, something that used to take months to do. A company using 3D printing is able to move ahead of its competition owing to the fact that it has its ideas designed and produced in real-time.Photoshop3DPrinting

Customer feedback: The best thing about a 3D prototype for a company dealing in tangible products is that it can produce a prototype to show your customers for them to give you feedback on your idea before rolling out.

Cost effectiveness: The traditional way of achieving a 3D object was through the use of prototyping injection mold tools, which are very expensive to acquire, run and maintain. 3D printing is far more affordable, fast, and convenient.

54cadd9657d64_-_3d-printing-01-0312-mdnIdea communication: When you are trying to communicate an idea to an investor, your team, or even a developer, the description will at times call for a lot of imagination. However, a 3D model will clearly show people exactly what you are talking to them about.

Risk alleviation: When a company wants to come up with a 3D design of whatever it is that it deals with, before investing in a molding tool that will cost a lot of money, it is better to have a 3D prototype to eliminate any unforeseen risks that would develop with the final design. The final mold can put into consideration the information acquired from using 3D prints.

3D printing is an amazing technological advancement that has opened up possibilities to printing that were non-existent years back. This technology is slowly finding its place in offices and will soon become commonplace like the traditional printing technology.

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